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Open as Pop-up not working from a object based portlet

Question asked by sreelesh on Jun 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2016 by Chris_Hackett

Dear Friends,

I have a problem similar to another thread Open as pop up is not working on portlet link .

We have object portlet and has two hyperlinks -

1. From an attribute to open the object property page(default)

2. From a virtual attribute to open a link which is created using a html porlet.


We checked "open as popup" for both the options, but when I click on the second attribute it is opening in a new tab. Since the first link works fine, it is not an issue with browser setting.

Can anyone help me to sort this out. We are Clarity 13.3


Steps to replicate issue 

  1. Create an HTML portlet which links to create page of a sub-object of project
  2. Add the HTML portlet to “Linking” section of project object
  3. Create a portlet based on project object
  4. Add a virtual field and call the link created in step 2, and check “Open as Pop-up”
  5. Add this portlet to a portlet page and while clicking it will open in a new tab instead of opening as popup.