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Service Provider and the use of Contracts.

Question asked by Marcos Domingos on Jun 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by Chris_Hackett

Friends, need help to solve the question below:


The Service Provider has more than 300 clients (tenants) where the SDM is used for Service Desk and Guarantee Agreements. Some of the Guarantee Contracts are companies that have branches across the country (Tenant, Tenant A1, Tenant A2, Tenant A3). In certain situations, there is a user (User 1) which is contact over a contract for the same company (Contract A, Contract A2, Contract A3). Each contract has a Service Catalog (Incident Area) which is different from the others. Our goal is to make this user can view the categories (Incident Area) of contracts in which it is registered. However, as the user is linked to a single organization and this organization is linked to a single contract, they can not all catalogs of contracts are viewed, that is, the user can only see only the contract catalog in which it is linked your organization. Important to mention that each contract in question has its own cost center and that's why there is a need to separate. Another detail is that sometimes is asked explicitly that a user (User 2) has no access to the categories of another contract, that is, it can only register tickets for the contract in which it is linked (Tenant A1, Contract A1).


We are SDM1 14.1, but do not use the USS and the Catalog. So this solution should be adhering to the traditional portal. I believe that perhaps the solution is on the side of configurations Tenants (Subtenants, etc.) or through data partitions.


Does anyone have any idea how I could solve? Thanks.


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