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Can we retrieve form field values from 2 different forms on the same Request, in 1 function before Request submission?

Question asked by Paridhi on Jun 16, 2016
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We have a requirement in Service Catalog, where in we need to retrieve the values of 2 form fields from 2 different forms (or service options), compare their values and determine whether the user should be allowed to submit this request or not. This is required as both the options are different accesses a user would request for, and if the user does not select any of these 2 options he should not be allowed to submit the request. The problem is the service form also has a 3rd service option which triggers a another product webservice and is a mandate option in the Request, but does not hold any value without either of the other 2 options being selected.


Can this be achieved in 12.8 or 14.1?