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ReportAgent on Unix Environments

Question asked by stoopid on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2016 by Valdo

Hello Community,


we do use PIM aka ControlMinder a lot in our Company, currently we are running Unix Endpoint Clients with 12.8 or 12.81. Due to some changes at our surveillance software we are getting lots of reports, that the ReportAgent was not running on some of the systems. So every now and then when i had a look on those machine the agent was running, but somehow it had been restarted. Hence seosd hasn't been restarted some kind auf seoswd or other seos??? did it.

I went through all the documents, but couldn't clearly find the information telling me that this is the normal behaviour of the ReportAgent/PIM. Btw. i didn't configure the ReportAgent to restart itself 30 Minutes before it should create it's reports (accommon.ini).

Therefore i would kindly as the community for support:) I would need the clarification if that the ReportAgent restarts itself whenever necessary or if there is a default configuration for this.


Many many thanks in advance