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Can an Action run an NSQL Query to Populate a Read Only Attribute?

Question asked by hcook on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by am1

I've built a custom object to house our benefits, along with a pretty long/complicated NSQL query to perform the calculations that we need in order to get to our Return on Investment. I've run into one hiccup in that the users will have to go to two separate places - one to enter the benefits (via the custom Benefits object in a list view) and the second to see the calculations (an NSQL portlet).


Is there any way to either:

    A) When the user clicks Save, my NSQL query will run and the read only attributes will be populated

or B) Build a script that runs from the Actions menu that will run the NSQL query and populate the read only attributes


Being able to create new benefits from the portlet would also work, but it's my understanding from reading in the community that this is not possible and they have to be created from the Benefits List View through the object.


Thank you in advance for any help!