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Jaspersoft Version after Patch

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by Robert Ensinger

Hi All.

    As a normal part of patching, after a patch I like to pop the About box to confirm. I've applied patch 7 to CA PPM 14.3 and patch to Jaspersoft.


In the About dialog in CA PPM, the CA PPM reads properly. Shouldn't I expect Jaspersoft to read something like "6.1_5.1.0.3"?



The patch install read 'Success'.

According to the Jasper patch readme:

6. Clear the application server (Apache Tomcat Server) 'temp' directory.

    [RKE] I'm assuming this is the Jaspersoft Tomcat instance, yes? This is complete.

7. Remove the Application Server's JSP cache.

   [RKE] Unsure what this means. I cleared the CA PPM application's security.caches.

8. Start the Apache Tomcat Server, on which JRS is deployed.

   [RKE] Complete.

9. Clear browser cache on client.

  [RKE] Complete.


Did I miss something? Should I expect the version to update in the About box in CA PPM? Is there another way to verify the Jaspersoft server has been patched correctly?