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url_response not posting alarms/QoS against correct node in UMP

Question asked by IvanBlair2 on Jun 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by DavidM

I have a url_response probe monitoring multiple URLs (for different customers)

Each customer also has one or more systems with Robots installed

the URL Response probe is running on a robot with origin = UIM

The url_response probe uses the profile name as the source and these appear as expected in the QoS

we use Alarm/QoS Enrichment to change the origin (based on source name)



The customer I'm struggling with also has (2) local Hubs with origin = LondonBS

These systems do not have internet access, so can't be  used for monitoring these public URL's


If I do a search in UMP for each URL name, the search results show the url exists as a device (sometimes more than once?)

some have origin LondonBS, some have origin UIM some have origin Phoenix?



If I look in SLM/tools/database status, I can see the expected QoS data for all 5 of the URL's for this customer with the correct origin


I've tried remove_master_device_by_cs_id + set ci_metric_id to null in S_QOS_DATA +restart data_enginer (and discovery_server to delete and allow re-creation of all  the devices (URL's monitored)


I've tried doing an import using UMP/Discovery Import al lto no avail

The QoS data is displayed against a note that is a VM (monitored by VMware probe) that seems to share an IP Address ???



has anyone any idea what I am dong wrong/how to fix his