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Data Partitions in CA ServiceDesk - View Statuses

Question asked by jwood1 on Jun 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by jwood1

Hi all,


I am trying to add a simple data partition to a particular role.

I only want this role to see statuses that are like 'INT%'


So I have created a nice and simple constraint as per below



Now when I test it, so far so good.

But when I hit save I get the below error



So I then went back and inactivated the data partition. Now all statuses for this role are available as you'd expect.


After reactivating the data partition, but WITHOUT logging out of the role.....the status is now no longer a drop down but a lookup. I can only see INT statuses and I can save successfully.


I log out and back in again...... the status is a drop-down again, and then the same error occurs upon saving.


Below are the logs from the server.


06/21 10:45:18.94 CTS-RBGSDWEB04 spelsrvr:CTS-RBGS    4588 ERROR        pcexec.c              6403 Spell interp failed at cr.spl:477:cr::get_status_sym | cr.spl:1778:cr::val_create_status_log: Reply message [2]: bad index - size is 1

06/21 10:45:18.94 CTS-RBGSDWEB04 web:CTS-RBGSDWEB0   11612 ERROR        freeaccess.spl       25657  update checkin of cr:5131323 failed: cr.spl:477:cr::get_status_sym | cr.spl:1778:cr::val_create_status_log


Any help would be greatly appreciated.