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Client mutual authentication via SSLv3

Question asked by PrashanthK on Jun 22, 2016


I am implementing mutual authentication in CA API Gateway v8.3. One of our vendors is testing the mutual ssl from .net client and they are using SSLv3, and i strongly believe this is the core reason the request is not reaching the gateway and am not able to see the any logs but on the client side the error says "The handshake failed due to an unexpected packet format". When i did a little research i got to know that by default SSLv3 is disabled in the gateway.


All i want to know is without changing the SSLv3 version on the client side (when client is making a request) what changes needs to be done on the Gateway side to make it work ?


Note: For outbound connections from gateway to the back servers we have the option to enable SSLv3 under

Route HTTP(S) assertion.



Prashanth Kyasa