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Error during gethubs request to hub

Question asked by IvanBlair2 on Jun 22, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2016 by Garin

discovery_server log file has a number of errors "Error during gethubs request to hub"

In most cases, this is because Discovery_server (on our central hub) is attempting to contact a subsidiary hub

an example would be

     Error during gethubs request to hub /UIM/ldnfpi-mgt01/ldnfpi-mgt01/hub : (2) communication error, I/O error on nim      session (C) com.nimsoft.nimbus.NimNamedClientSession(/ Read timed out


Note that the hub "/UIM/xxxx-mgt01/xxxx-mgt01/hub" is connected to an intermediary hub by a tunnel

That is we have tunnels between

/UIM/xxxx-mgt01/xxxx-mgt01/hub and /UIM/xxxx-rhub01/xxxx-rhub01/hub

/UIM/xxxx-rhub01/xxxx-rhub01/hub and /UIM/xxxxhubrdr01/xxxxhubrdr01/hub

/UIM/xxxxhubrdr01/xxxxhubrdr01/hub and the central hub are on the same network (no tunnel)

There is a firewall between each layer where a tunnel is used and, as advised in previous documentation, we allow ports 48000-48030 through the firewall


In this error, it seems discovery_server is attempting to connect to port 48083 on a server

(other similar errors reflect different ports all above 48030)


Any ideas where I should look