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Model Healing of REST (GET operation) service

Question asked by ektaSri on Jun 22, 2016

I have virtualized a REST based service and added base path(bPath) in Virtual Service


Live Service URL: http://LServer:LPort/a/b/c?p1=xyz&p2=abc

Virtual Service url : http://VServer:VPort/bPath/a/b/c?p1=xyz&p2=abc


VSM's Live invocation step has LServer and LPort and replacement URI is blank


I am able to invoke VService (http://VServer:VPort/bPath/a/b/c?p1=xyz&p2=abc) in Most Efficient mode. But If I am changing the mode to Learning mode, Live service is not getting invoked and new data is not getting learned. If am removing basepath from VService (http://VServer:VPort/a/b/c?p1=xyz&p2=abc), Learning mode is working fine.


How can we handle Learning mode in case Live Service and VService URL is different.


P.S I had also tried providing replacement URI as /a/b/c in Live invocation step. But even then I was getting error in Learning