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How to use dynamically generated file names

Question asked by Jason_J on Jun 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2016 by Jason_J

In my script I query a DB for tests/data and save a temporary .csv file locally and use a "Read rows from a Delimited Data File" step to pass the data to other script steps. In the File Location field of "Read rows from Delimited Data File" I want to use a {{dynamically_generated_file_name}}  that includes a timestamp so other tests don't collide (these tests are being run on the Lisa Server as CVS monitor suites). My script complains that the file doesn't exist and fails to find the file after it is generated, resulting in a Java File IO "not found" exception. I see the file generated prior to when it's needed to be loaded.


The below link indicates what I'm trying should be possible. Any guidance appreciated. Thanks.


Dynamic excel sheet in "Read rows from Excel"