WebSphere Monitoring using UIM

Discussion created by crami3783 on Jun 22, 2016
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Hello Experts,


I am trying to monitor websphere web servers using UIM. what i have encountered is default QOS defined with units and its abbreviations are very limited. There are tons of other attributes available when you connect to the web servers using proper PMI level access. Here is the issue that i am running into.

1. probe does not have enough default QoS defined wih its Units.

2. If similar name appears into Measured attributes, different QoS names does not work. (its confusing i will try to explain in detail)


I am trying to get the details on active thread count for each http session using threadPoolModule & servletSessionModule. There is ActiveCount (the total number of session that are currently accessed by requests) attribute available that would provide this details in threadPoolModule, However no default QoS associated with its Unit so i have created a custom QoS with name QOS_ WS_JVM_THREADPOOL_ACTIVECOUNT with unit as Number and abbreviation with # to show proper data in UMP reports. Apply this entry into template and then apply it to the portal servers that are discovered. It works fine.


Now another attribute that i need to monitor is from servletSessionModule with same name ActiveSession (the total number of session that are currently accessed by requests). Similar situation - no default QoS hence have to create new QoS with different name. This time around new QoS name is  QOS_WS_JVM_HTTP_SESSIONS. Once i now try to apply the template with this entry as well as previous entry UIM overwrites the QoS names. so all the threadPoolModule entries it created before are not being replaced with new QoS name which is incorrect.


Is there anyone out there using websphere probe and doing monitoring using UIM?


Thanks in advance.