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IE not respecting "Open as Pop-up"?

Question asked by Dave_3.0 Champion on Jun 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2016 by Michael Thibault

I have a grid-portlet with one of its field's List Column Field setting set up with a link and "Open as Pop-up" checked.


On Chrome / Firefox / IE on my local machine this all works 'as expected' ; I click the link and I get a new tab in the browser window with my link target.


On a user's machine (unfortunately on the other side of the Atlantic to me), when they click on that same link in their IE it opens in the same tab. (the 'back' history in the application also includes the original page, whereas my 'back history' on my new tab does not).


I've logged onto my machine as the user's user and it behaves fine, so I figure it must be a 'local' IE setting or something.


So does anyone know if IE can be set to override 'open in new window' links?


(I have played around with the tab options in my IE and I can't seem to make it misbehave).


I'm a bit confused really!