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Jaspersoft Instability Since Moving to 14.3

Question asked by GregHomrighous on Jun 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2016 by Chris_Hackett

We are On Demand and We've been experiencing a number of issues since moving to 14.3 (patch 05) on Jaspersoft, and perhaps there are ways to fix the issues.  We found 14.2 to be stable, but wanted some of the dashboard features that came with 14.3. 


We aren't using IE.


Our first issue is that we intermittently receive errors on OOTB and custom reports.  We'll get no data, or SQL errors, or even 500 errors.  We estimate that we get an error on 33% of our efforts.

More recently, reports have not been retrieving data.  We'll run a report on a program that has been active for a year, and we'll schedule that report only to receive no data.  This has been happening more and more each week.

We've opened a few tickets with CA, but was wondering if other OD clients are having a similar experience.  We're planning to move to patch 7 as soon as we can get it tested, but I'm not seeing the resolution for our specific issues in the patch details.  In other words, we're shooting in the dark.