Tech Tip: Identify cause of a CV startup SFxx abend 

Discussion created by baije01 Employee on Jun 28, 2016


Occasionally a CV startup will fail with an SFDD abend, or another abend in the form SFxx, where xx is the hex representation of the SVC number. This document indicates the possible causes and resolutions of that error.


Abends in the format SFxx represent a problem with the SVC, where xx is the hex representation of the SVC number. A missing SVC can cause this error. Other than that, a few other things can cause this error:

  1. Wrong LPAR. If the job is not run with a SYSAFF card, perhaps it is run on the wrong LPAR some times, where the SVC is not defined. That would cause this error.

  2. As of R14.0 all batch jobs, local or CV will make a call to the IDMS SVC that is named in the RHDCSRTT module for security reasons. So if the run-time JCL changes and occasionally points to the wrong SRTT, or if an SRTT with wrong SVC number overlays the one in the loadlibs, this error would result.

  3. A local mode job running against a different SVC table on another MVS image would abend this way. So again, if the JCL varies from one run to another, or if there's no SYSAFF card so that is run against different MVS images at different times, that could cause this error.


Identify the cause from the above list and make the necessary corrections. If all else fails, this error can often be resolved by re-installing the SVC in the target LPAR where it will run.