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Policy server Admin-UI not displaying the objects created.

Question asked by krishna.casso on Jun 29, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2016 by dileepa.devnur

We have multi-master policy store environment and they are in sync with each other.

When I imported the objects to the policy server 1, Admin-UI configured to that policy server 1 is displaying all the objects. Problem is some of the objects are not displayed in the Admin-UI connected to policy server 2. Policy store replication is good and validated using the XPSExplorer. Ran the XPSSweeper to synchronize with the cache did not resolved the issue. After restarting the

policy server 2 only objects are displayed in the Admin-UI.


Following this thread Admin UI updates not seen in any other policy server other than the one that created the object

We have different setup,

We are using the Oracle Unified Directory.

Policy server : R12.52 CR04


I am having 3 questions:

1. How the Admin-UI check for the newly imported objects.


2. When we run XPSSweeper, it Synchronizes XPS and CA SiteMinder policy stores.  In this case policy store  have the objects and Admin-UI is not displaying them.


3. After restarting the policy server missing objects are displayed. Guess this is due to Initializing XPS and BulkFetch of the policy store and building policy cache. (Correct me if wrong)



One more thing is when restarting the policy server, I see the following 3 lines in smps log, Help me with understanding what this mean.

Journal commands refresh interval is 60 second(s)

Server command synchronization delta is 51 second(s)

Secondary cache failure timeout is 0 second(s)