IBMi / iSeries-users (as400), what can/should CA improve?

Discussion created by rith on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2016 by ttahkapaa

It feels like CA has zero focus on developing and adding new features or probes for iSeries / IBMi. Are we so few that it is not worth the time?

Thought we could start a discussion for us using this OS, and try to come up with suggestions together for CA.

What do you miss? What can be improved?

What "outside the box" tools/script do you use that monitor IBMi (iSeries) with UIM?



Things that I and customers are missing and screaming about:

  • Power HA probe
  • BRMS probe
  • WRKCFGSTS probe
  • MQ-probe
  • Send commands
  • Reply to INQ / MSGW from UIM / UMP / USM (though we have built this feature with a script)
  • TCP/IP Monitoring
  • User Profile Monitoring