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Route via http: request body not sent when using context variable for http method

Question asked by res13 on Jul 1, 2016
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In our http calls from the API GW to the backend we use the assertion "Route via HTTP(S)" with a predefined context variable as Request Source. To be more flexible we also would like to set the HTTP Method by a context variable (This should be possible according to the documentation:, Chapter: Using the assertion, point 3).


I tried this out, but in my opinion there is a bug in the assertion, because whenever I set the http method by a context variable, the request body won't be send to the backend.


I also made two services (httpMethodTest1 and httpMethodTest2) which shows the problem I am facing. You can find them in the attachements. httpMethodTest1 is a GET service which internally calls the httpMethodTest2 twice, first with the http method in the context variable and second with the http method set directly. As you can see the first call does not send a request body (which is a bug in my opinion) and the second call does it correctly.




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