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How to get hierarchical OBS lookup for one OBS only

Question asked by urmas on Jul 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by Dave_3.0

How would I get a lookup to display the units from just one OBS for a filter in an NSQL portlet

Eg. if I use OBS Project Filter lookup it looks like this

It has the selection of the OBS

which I do not need because my query already has a conditions for one OBS only and the user do not want either for the same reason.

If I use a custom lookup with a query like

Select id, name, type_id from prj_obs_units where type_ID = 5000001

I do get the units in just that OBS, but the results are displayed flat without the hierarchy.

There are no options in the lookup to do that.


In the project properties you do have it like that

Is that coded in the system or can I get that for an NSQL portlet?

If yes how?