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Web Agent Silent Installation with trusted host overwrite option

Question asked by Sushant.Jagdale on Jul 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2016 by Sushant.Jagdale

We have deployed an application on a load-balanced, auto-scaling cluster of web servers (Apache 2.4) using Amazon Web Services. Due to auto scaling we are installing and configuring a web agents with unattended/silent option on AWS.



During each auto scaling it will generate a new trusted host entry and not sure how many times scale-up and scale-down will happen, So everytime new trusted host entry is written to policy server.


Understand that when using silent option, file is referred for trusted host registration and this file is created using the inputs provided in .properties file during silent configuration.


1) Currently I can't find any option of (-o overwrite) overwriting trusted host during web agent silent configuration, can this be enhanced to use overwrite option?


2) Is there any way to track the unused trusted host objects? or every time end application has to provide the list of host names they used during registration.


As a work around, currently we are thinking of manually housekeeping the trusted hosts entries at policy server side, but if I would be able to overwrite the trusted host entries then I do not need this extra housekeeping.


Just wanted to check if anyone face similar issue or any better suggestions.


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Apache version: 2.4.2