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Need to stop 1000+ jobs in autosys due to application migration

Question asked by Suren_V on Jul 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2016 by Suren_V

Hello Friends,


I have Autosys 11.3.5 environment scheduling 1000+ SAP jobs.This includes command jobs and BOX jobs with heavy dependency conditions involved.


Recently we have SAP migration activity for  2 days, hence i have to stop all jobs.I am not sure how to handle the situation.

If I put all jobs on_hold on Friday and off_hold it on Monday, all jobs will run immediately since condition is met already. We don't want 1000 jobs to run at a time, it should run only in the Monday schedule time.


on ice / off ice will not help as it wait for the condition to reoccur.


So I have the below plan,

1. put all jobs on hold on Friday.

2. Mark all the on hold job as success using sendevent command.

3. From here job should run as per schedule time on Monday.


Please share your comments/ better plan to handle the above situation. Awaiting response.