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Can't assign java.lang.Integer to java.lang.String

Question asked by UthamKumar on Jul 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2016 by gajsr01

Hi , I am using a javaScript step in LISA 7.5, to fetch property value of "schemaNumber" from project.config. When running this step (itr\staging) , I am getting the below error with line number as "-1". Not sure exactly what is happening


Variable assignment: schemaNumber: Can't assign java.lang.Integer to java.lang.String : at Line: -1 : in file: <Called from Java Code> : <Compiled Java Code>


When I tried with a renamed propertry (like db.schemaNumber) this error is not happening. I am clueless about what is the isse here?


I need to use the property value as "schemaNumber", to ensure i meet all the dependencies to execute the test case.


Any help is much appreciated. Thanks