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Error in csv file from vmware collections in probe capman_da

Question asked by Nelson-Filho on Jul 7, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2016 by Mark Leach

Hi Everyone.

I have done the integration between CA UIM and CA CapMan.

In CA UIM, I have enabled capman_da probe to get information about vmware probes. I have just one vCenter configured in vmware probe.

When I open the created CSV file : ***_vmware_server_XXXX.CSV I see the data on "server name" column like a entire name, like: "Datacenter1/Cluter1/" (prefix+hostname). It is adding Data Center prefix and Cluster prefix from vCenter configuration to hostname. The correct is just the hostname, eg, "" and NOT "Datacenter1/Cluter1/".

In Capman, when I poll information from CA_UIM_VMWARE data source, it brings wrong name (entire name). It is causing a mess.


Could you help me?