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Unrar command Linux with gelscript

Question asked by danieldbf on Jul 11, 2016

Hi Guys!


I need you help, please.


I tried execute this command in gelscript:


<core:set value="unrar x /tmp/DLP_11072016/PROP00006977/clarity/Files/918/005/DLP.rar" var="param"/>

<core:catch var="IOExceptionUnrar">

  <core:invokeStatic className="java.lang.Runtime" method="getRuntime" var="getUnrar"/>

   <core:invoke method="exec" on="${getUnrar}" var="exeUnrar">

  <core:arg type="java.lang.String" value="${param}"/>




But, no success.

There is no exception error and the file .rar is not extract on directory.


Tests: "unrar x..." ,"unrar e ....".


This command is executed successfully on Linux terminal.


Successfully executed commands in gelscript:



<core:catch var="IOExceptionRemov">

  <core:invokeStatic className="java.lang.Runtime" method="getRuntime" var="getRemov"/>

   <core:invoke method="exec" on="${getRemov}" var="exeRemov">

  <core:arg type="java.lang.String" value="rm ${renomArquivoNovo}"/>




<core:catch var="IOExceptionZip">

  <core:invokeStatic className="java.lang.Runtime" method="getRuntime" var="getZip"/>

   <core:invoke method="exec" on="${getZip}" var="exeZip">

  <core:arg type="java.lang.String" value="zip -r ${compactarNomeZip} ${compactarFolder}"/>




Obs.: Package installed on Linux: UNRAR 5.00 beta 3.


Any ideas?