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Has anyone had problems with the date format changing inexpicably?

Question asked by scoxsey on Jul 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2016 by scoxsey

We are having an on-going problem where the date format changes inexplicably from the UK set format to the American format and will not save. This happens in a variety of templates - risks, issues, change requests and milestones. It happens without warning on a day for an individual, but it wont happen to everyone using Clarity and the next day the problem has often gone away. Strangely, in for example, Risks, we have 2 date boxes to update, one will be fine and stay as the UK version and save without issue, the other will have changed to the American format and will not save. I have spoken with CA support and out own IT department and no-one can come up with a reason or solution. Our internet browser is Chrome. Has anyone else experienced this?