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SDM 14.1, manual notify intermittent error on screen load

Question asked by tzadell on Jul 13, 2016
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I have an analyst reporting that he gets this error on some tickets (not all) when the manual notify screen loads, and he cannot go any further: 


"Invalid attribute name: 'recip' provided for contact lookup"


The contacts that are defined to load as the 'Available Recipients' are:  Affected End User, Assignee, Group and Requester.  Typically he is changing the group in the ticket to his group first, and then clicking on Activities/Manual Notify.  What is also strange about this is that he says he doesn't save the ticket after changing the group, but when the manual notify screen loads it shows the new group name in the list of 'Available Recipients' --- It always shows the previous group for me since I haven't yet saved the ticket.


When I try the same thing on the same ticket, I'm not able to reproduce this error.  Sometimes when he clears his browser cache and tries again on the same ticket, the issue goes away for a time but then comes back.  He is running Windows 10, and IE 11.   Has anyone ever seen this error before? 


A few months ago, I did add the below 3 lines of code to the nf.htmpl form to throw an error when the manual notify screen loads if the contents of the 'Message Text' field is already maxed out at 4000 characters, and allow you to edit it to remove some text -- (Because otherwise you couldn't do anything on the screen and it wasn't telling you why.)  But I would think if this change caused this issue, I would be able to reproduce it on the same tickets he gets the error on.


(line 26) var test=0;

(line 270) test=(document.main_form.initial_msgtxt.value.replace(/\n/g, "\r\n").length-4000);

(line 271) if(document.main_form.initial_msgtxt.value.replace(/\n/g, "\r\n").length > 4000)

(line 272) alert("You have maxed out the limit of 4000 characters in the Message Text field.  Please remove "+test+" characters before proceeding.");