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Clarity and Jira Integration

Question asked by ma12 on Jul 13, 2016
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Hello All,


We are looking into integrating Clarity with Jira.

We are on 14.3 and hosted and Jira is in house application so we have limitation of outside application coming in and getting the data. I went through communities in CA and LinkedIn and found below mentioned options. I see few are paid services which we would consider as last option and a few might be for on premise customers.


If any On Demand customers created the integration by themselves if so could you please share your experience?





Approach 1 – Jira places the file on the Clarity SFTP server and  loads it


                                Jira places the file with the required data on Clarity Server in a particular format and using the gel Script the file is loaded.


Approach 2 – API

                                Jira invokes the Clarity webservices/API



Approach 3 – API


CA Global Delivery has a JIRA connector which uses restful web services to retrieve data from JIRA and import it to Clarity using XOG.


Approach 4 – Jira DB access

Create a JIRA database view on their database that exposes the 'tasks'.  From CSA, create a new DataSource (JIRADB).Use GEL to read from JIRADB, format into XOG format and load to Clarity.