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Can you query the field's type value from the form in Javascript? Similar to the data you get in the type field of the getFormRateItemValues web service call?

Question asked by LCozzetto on Jul 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2016 by Brett_Zipkin

We're trying to write a JS function to reset multiple field values of multiple field types and need to be able to query the input field type so that we can call the appropriate function.


Ex. For a Select field we would need ca_fdUnselectOption() ,

       For a Checkbox we would need ca_fdUnselectCheckBox() ,



Since the input to our custom function would only be the actual field id, we would need to be able to query the type of field that it references in order to call the appropriate function.


When using the web service getFormRateItemValues through PAM, we can see that the field types are defined numerically and are accessible however we do not know how to get these values via JavaScript on the form.