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Dynamic Lookup error - Can't update lookup as it's either system or in use.

Question asked by R.McIntire on Jul 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by urmas

Hello All,

In 14.2 we had been using a Dynamic look up for testing SQL queries and never had any issues with saving it as we would never actually use it anywhere else.


We recently upgraded to 14.4 and now I can only create a Dynamic Lookup and save it once. Essentially making it impossible to change the query for the lookup without making a new lookup.


This is the error i receive -

Error ODF-0001: Unable to register dynamic query lookup:

Could not retrieve or register the nsql::NsqlLookupHandler::updateNsql()

=>Can't update lookup: TEST as it's either system or in use.


Any ideas how to fix this? It's quite time consuming to create a new dynamic lookup anytime i want to test a sql query?