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CABI SAP Business Objects and Redhat Troubleshooting Exercise

Discussion created by Alan Baugher Employee on Jul 15, 2016



Customer ran into this message after they successfully deployed SAP BO.

“An error occurred while creating a subprocess in the processing server. [RCIRAS0603]”


There is a CA tech note on this message, that uses a SAP tech note to offer a resolution.

The challenge with the SAP and CA Tech notes, is to "downgrade" the entire X11 library for the entire OS.


Since this issue was identified, we were able to leverage this knowledge and build off of it.


*** ***

Before starting troubleshooting, ensure no "hung" processes of SAP BO exist.    ps -ef | grep java


To assist with trouble shooting, we enabled SAP BO trace:


I- Enabled Trace in SAP BO via cs.cfg   [Note:  Turn off when done]

  1. Search for cs.cfg under SAP BO installation.
  2. Edit cs.cfg and locate the traces section: <Traces Active="No">
  3. Set Active attribute of Traces element to Yes: <Traces Active="Yes">
  4. Monitor 4-6 trace logs with tail -f filename  in 4-6 putty windows.


II- Identify and download the X11 libraries.  Do NOT deploy with rpm or yum.  Extract to a select folder that SAP BO service account will have access to.


III- Update Library Path in both startup ENV scripts for BO and Tomcat to use downgraded libraries

  • Created backup copies of both ENV scripts, e.g.  LIBRARYPATH and/or  LD_LIBRARY_PATH
  • Pre-append the updated paths, before any OS ${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}


IV - Start SAP BO and re-execute task.    Monitor for any error message with “An error occurred while creating a subprocess in the processing server. [RCIRAS0603]”