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Cannot add new item

Question asked by milan.ziga on Jul 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by milan.ziga

Hi all,


We have a strange problem on our Service Catalog server (14.1 with RO90087). Everything worked correctly until today but now when we want to add a new form or form item to existing form we can see error message: "There was an unknown error".  There is no problem to rename or delete form item, we can also change attributes of existing form items but any attempt to create a new item returns the error. There is a lot of space on hard disks on SC and DB servers.  I also found a lot of free space in transaction log of MDB database.

I have set logging level to INFO but I still cannot find any information about this error in view.log file. I tried to reboot server, restart EEM but nothing helped. How can I troubleshoot such problem? Does anyone know what is going on?

Thank you,