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Policy server restart after database failure?

Question asked by Chad_Phillips on Jul 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by Ujwol Shrestha



We are on Siteminder 12.51 and use MS-SQL as our user store (CA Directory for policy store).  Over the weekend the MS-SQL database server crashed and had to be restarted.


I had thought that once MS-SQL was back running, Siteminder would just start working.  Instead, Siteminder kept throwing errors until we restarted the policy servers. Then all was good.

Does anyone know if this is expected behavior? If the user store, MS-SQL, fails and has to be restarted, is it expected that would need to restart the policy server?

Here are some of the errors we got until we restarted the policy server.

[2418/2967575408][Sun Jul 17 2016 07:11:55][CSmDbUtilities.cpp:567][ERROR][sm-Odbc-00070] Error Code is 0 message is 'State =54 Internal Code = 0 - 523 52'.

[2418/3271781232][Sun Jul 17 2016 07:15:49][Sm_Auth_Message.cpp:288][ERROR][sm-LoginLogout-00130] Password Message could not be parsed

[2418/4099529584][Sun Jul 17 2016 07:15:55][CServer.cpp:1679][ERROR][sm-Server-01050] Failed to initialize TCP client connection. Socket error 107

[2418/4099529584][Sun Jul 17 2016 07:16:03][CServer.cpp:1728][INFO][sm-Server-01760] Closing Idle connection for session # 809