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Policy Express Logic

Question asked by antonys on Jul 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2016 by antonys

Hi Friends,

Am trying to create a Policy Express,where it needs to be triggered based on a User attribute value and an access Role assigned.Since we have more than 100 different values to the attribute,i need to restrict the Policy Express to 40 different User attribute values.Since the Values are numbers ,i wouldn't be able to put a wildcard.


Currently,i have created Entry Rule,wherein the condition is,if  Access Role = X then the Action Takes place.But this is generating a Failed Events,for the UserAtrribute values outside the 40 Values,because the Action is based on the Values.


Am just wondering,if there is option in Entry Rule Condition ->Value,where i can specify 40 values like

Condition : Userattribute Equals "123","543","456" and so on .But i tried this its not working,Is there any Regular expression it supports under Value.