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Discussion created by Scott_Owens Employee on Jul 19, 2016

CA Identity Management and Governance Tech Tip by Scott Owens, Senior Support Engineer for 07/19/2016.

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TEC1366804Is the objectid column on the archive_object12_5 table equivalent to the tasksessionid on the archive_tasksession12_5 table?Identity ManagerPUBLISHED
TEC1708063POLICYXPRESS  ERROR MESSAGE: Error sending email ; 553 5.5.4 ... Domain name required for sender address IMSIdentity ManagerPUBLISHED
TEC1162204"Your current security settings do not allow file to be downloaded" errorIdentity ManagerPUBLISHED
TEC1547905Upgrade to a Peoplesoft endpoint causes a fatal error in Provisioning ManagerIdentity ManagerPUBLISHED
TEC1338567How to run Jasper Report Server as a service accountIdentity ManagerPUBLISHED
TEC1294001Creating multiple snapshots in Jaspersoft creates errorIdentity ManagerPUBLISHED
TEC1194868Weblogic 12c Identity Manager Managed Servers won't startIdentity ManagerPUBLISHED
TEC1423021How to setup X11 forwarding to perform a cluster installIdentity ManagerPUBLISHED
TEC1286889How to add provisioning components to IDM after it has been installed and configuredIdentity ManagerPUBLISHED
TEC1372156The extraction of the Jasper CABI on Linux does not contain any executable files.-PUBLISHED
TEC1859966Not able to connect from IM to Report Server BO 4.1- error java.lang.nullpointerexceptionIdentity ManagerPUBLISHED
TEC1249678requireadminpassword set to True will require wsdl requests passwordsIdentity ManagerRETIRED