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JSON in 8.5 vs JSON 2.0 in 9.1

Question asked by SCTrojan07 on Jul 20, 2016
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Has anyone created a VSI for JSON using 9.1? I noticed on 9.1 it says JSON 2.0 vs JSON on 8.5. The issue I have is: on 9.1, DevTest was unable to populate the request parameters during VSI creation. However, when I try the same on 8.5, I see the request populated during VSI creation. Has anyone encountered something like this? If yes, how did you make the request populate?


FYI, on 9.1, apart from JSON 2.0 being populated by default, I also added Generic XML Payload Parser and XML Data Protocol while creating the image. Also, I have 8.5 and 9.1 installed on the same machine, and both connect to different registries, but I never open both at the same time. Not sure having 2 different installation on a laptop can cause this problem, but just throwing it out there.