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Allow user to self-allocate to Other Work

Question asked by Dale_Stockman Champion on Jul 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by Jeff.Moran

Planning to end use of the Indirect area of CA PPM Timesheets.

- No security/access control (absence recording has different rules in different countries)

- Indirect hours are not financially transacted (some of our indirect categories do cost money)

- Indirect hours are not transferred to DWH (can't report on these hours using Jaspersoft ad-hoc tools)


Planning to move this booking activity to Other Work, where the 3 points, above, are addressed.


Today, Other Work instances don't show on Timesheet, and are not selectable from "Add Other Time" listing, unless resource is allocated to Other Work\Team\Staff page - one cannot add one's self to an Other Work instance in the same manner that one could add Indirect to one's timesheet - only if/when needed.


Therefore, a lot of admin setup work is required, to get all the resources allocated to each Team\Staff instance that they are allowed to book to.  (Using OBS to add staff is helpful, actually, very helpful, but still time consuming considering that most users will not book much, if anything, to these indirect instances in comparison to their project bookings.


Also, once setup, I don't see a means to 'create Other Work from template/Other Work' like there exists for projects.


Question:  Is there an easier way to do this?


Would like to have "Other Work" instances show up on Timesheet "Add Other Time" list based on OBS security - if resource has view rights to see instance, instance should be there, and let resource add it to their timesheet.


Maybe some types of Other Work should not allow this, but for Indirect types would be very useful - so maybe a option setting?


If there a better way doesn't exist, will submit as idea.