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How does CA Service Desk do load balancing and how can sticky sessions be enabled?

Question asked by AndreaInNZ on Jul 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by Raghu.Rudraraju

We develop a java Portal that calls the CA Service Desk SOAP web services to create change orders.


We are getting the same issue as what is described here:

How to resolve "Error 1010" being returned by Service Desk web Service Call when Service Desk is behind a Load Balancer.


Basically we are successfully authenticating to one instance, but then in subsequent web service calls, the session ID we pass in will not be valid if we are contacting the *other* server  (the one that we didn't authenticate with).


There are 2 CASD servers being load balanced by the application itself. We are not using external load balancers.


The article suggests we enabled sticky sessions on the load balancer. What happens if the load balancing is done by the application? Where can we enable sticky sessions?


If we aren't able to enable sticky sessions, then we'll have to figure out how to get our requests to the correct CASD instance, the one that we were able to authenticate with. Does any one have any examples in Java for how to use the Axis library to direct our request to the correct CASD instance?