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Send response with Return template to requester !

Question asked by VivekReddishetty on Jul 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2016 by VivekReddishetty

Hi All,

I have captured the response with http route assertion and stored it in a variable. Now I am validating few conditions like comparing "Etag" header in the response with the input request's "if-none-match" header and then finally send response to requester accordingly after the comparison, with either the response content that was previously stored in a variable or send HTTP 304 stating that content didn't change (if etag matches the input header if-none-match).


Now the problem here is, I am only able to send the response content to the requester with return template but not all the response headers. I want to have a solution where I need to send the response stored in a context variable along with all the response headers and cookies if any to the requester. And other important point here is, if response headers dont have Etag, then I am using Hash generation assertion using MD5 and creating a Etag response header manually with that hash value using Add response header assertion. I even want to sent this header with the response to the client browser.


Could someone please help me here..?