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ESP AJ commands within a link process

Question asked by don-t on Jul 22, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by don-t

When downtime is scheduled, one ESP experienced batch team manipulates their processing manually.

Reset early sub times, hold jobs or appls. Always the same jobs/appls. Always at the same time.

Attempt to automate. Big picture...they trigger an event, the appl issues commands at the appropriate date/time.

Ability to trigger day(s) in advance if possible.


Code was created that requires user1,2,3 data as month/day/year respectively.

REXX code performs data verification. If all is well, build an appl.

Appl builds, 4 link processes are scheduled that contain the proper AJ commands.

1 link is scheduled at 1530 on the user1/2/3 date.

Gentime determines next days date.

On the next day, at 0002, 0020 & 0255, issue more commands.

Simulation of code is without error, date and time resolution of all AJ commands seems good as well.


In production, the link at 1530 works as expected. Batch is manipulated.

The links for the next day are scheduled as expected, but the AJ commands are not performed.

I have looked through the entire ESP started task output, the system log, and find no errors or

evidence of why something does not work.


My test code, when all 4 links are scheduled, and I do a reset time to now, all AJ commands function as expected.

My test code repeats the same production incident when left to process at it's normally scheduled time.


Im thinking it's something simple that I just don't see. Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks, Regards,

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