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SOAP Basic Authentication from GEL

Question asked by leose02 Employee on Jul 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by gcubed


I am wanting to know if anyone has been able to get a GEL script working that contains SOAP basic authentication (username/password) to an external web service in On Demand?

I read in that soap:invoke username and password parameters should be allowed but when I insert these attributes into the soap:invoke tag I get the following error:

BPM-0703: Custom script syntax error at line 38, column 20: Tag 'invoke' does not have attribute 'username'.


The authentication needs to occur outside of the soap:message. I realise that some interfaces send authorisation via the header tag (such as XOG). I require authentication outside the soap message. Also, I know that you can modify the SOAP tag library in OnPremise to get this but I am trying to get it to work on OnDemand.