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Sending Multi-valued attributes in assertion

Question asked by anand3g on Jul 25, 2016
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I'm trying to send group memberships as part of an assertion. By default Siteminder groups all the groups in one string with a separator of '^'. However, the SP needs these groups to be separated and included in their own <AttributeValue> tags.


After some research it seems like, this would do the trick. FMATTR:isMemberOf in the Attribute Value field of the assertion


However, when the assertion gets generated, it doesn't put them in its own <AttributeValue> tags.


It adds a CA.FM.SEP instead of the ^. Is there something else I need to do to be able to use FMATTR: function?

<ns1:Attribute AttributeName="role" AttributeNamespace=""><ns1:AttributeValue>cn=Group1, ou=group c=USCA.FM.SEP

cn=Group2, ou=group, c=USCA.FM.SEP

cn=Group3, ou=group, c=USCA.FM.SEP

cn=Group4, ou=group, c=USCA.FM.SEP

cn=Group5, ou=group, c=US