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Team center mapping

Question asked by Karthik Nalliyappan on Jul 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by Karthik Nalliyappan

I have APM 10.1 installed and installed agent on two different application. The first one calls the second one so hopefully I should be able to see relationship map but no relationship between these two.


What I did:

1) Checked filters and No filters set

2) Enabled manual transaction

    2(a) Noticed these two are correlated(first calling the second)

    2(b) can see first component calling second one(Evidence: Sequence view)

3) Workstation triage map shows first(frontend on first application) mapped with second(backend on second application)

4) No cor-id processing errors, no discarded tracers(Evidence: EM Supportability metrics)


So where is the problem?


I enabled DEBUG on EM logs to identify what happened. I saw some useful information below.


Connecting to OutsideWorld vertex as caller backend not matched for the transaction trace


My assumption:


Does this mean APM team center not able to match caller backend name(name A) with actual backend name(name B)?

The caller backend name actually comes from Frontend of first application and actual backend name is second application which is monitored.


For Example:

Frontend--> Backend A

Backend B--> Some backend.


But in reality, backend A and backend B are same but interpreted as different name by agent( may be depends on app coding)


So how team center actually does mapping  correlated information from two different application? I hope it should be based on cor-id.


Otherwise, do I have to enable ws-namespace(for caller backend of frontend) for team center mapping?


Documentation says: Testing shows that some cross-process correlations can be incorrectly assigned.


Note:I would say team center is really an interesting UI to configure and analyze issues. But I believe lot of backend work is required.


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