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Question asked by SamWalker on Jul 26, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2016 by SamWalker

Hi We are trying to create SSO across 2 IBM App servers , which use different user stores. Importing and exporting LTPA keys between these servers will not work as the both servers use different user stores.


Lets call these Appservers 1 and 2 for easier understanding,


Apps on server1 are protected by SiteMinder IWA, so when someone logs in SM/TAI will create SMSESSION and LTPA and user gets SSO experience. Is there a possibility using any of the CA components such as (SiteMinder, FSS, SPS or API Gateway) to convert the SMSESSION into LTPA token that can be consumed by App server2. We have full control over LTPA Keys of App server2.


I was told that PingIdentity supports with something called STS, Can CA save the day?