WCC 11.4 SP3 Upgrade parsing issue

Discussion created by scarrobis on Jul 27, 2016
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PUBLIC service announcemnet from yours truly ..


Be warned, the programmer of the upgrade is expecting a particular format of the tnsnames.ora:

Check the format of tnsnames.ora

It expects something like:



        (DESCRIPTION =




Whereby the address is in one line. otherwise it populates the jdbc incorrectly.


It is the 21st century. Are the Installs better, YES as compared over the last decade. so kudos.

But the little things still suffer from what I deem "lazy" programming. This type of issue should have been thoroughly tested by the programmer. I am sure he/she thought QA guy would catch it. etc.. bzzt.


yes we are all human and yes we all make mistakes and are NOT perfect.


The error reads something along the lines:

IO Error locating identifier <>... (basically it means it couldn't find the HOST/PORT to build the jdbc) so of course you have to get an obfuscated java message instead of something that makes more sense.



hope this helps


Steve C.