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Adding a object to the derived universe in BOXI 4.1

Question asked by lilmoss on Jul 27, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2016 by lilmoss

This is being done in our TEST environment:

I have been asked to report on the cost center field in a BOXI 4.1 report so I created a attribute alias for billing code which is shown below:


The billing code was copied from the contact class (cnt) in the CA Service Desk base universe over to the derived universe into the request details class and then I did a View/Refresh Structure. I answered ok to the Do you want to delete the empty classes? question, there was another question (I can't get a screen print of that question), then I get The selected tables were not found with an OK button.   After clicking OK, the billing code object still shows the object property as being cnt.billing_code instead of changing it to the alias name in the cr table.


How can I get the alias to show up in the derived universe?




Joyce Lilie