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CMN_AUDITS Questions

Question asked by e_martin on Jul 27, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2016 by am1

Clarity Version: 012 6


We've created a sub-object off of the Project Object.


However, we're not able to hide the DELETE key within the Object List View Options.


So we've chosen to add the ID and two other useful attributes to the Audit Trail for the subobject. However when reviewing the CMN_AUDITS table, it doesn't seem like there's anything logging WHO deleted it.


It has a CREATED_BY and LAST_UPDATED_BY fields of the table, but that's just logging the information from the fields of the subobject, it doesn't match who actually deleted it. Is there any information or table that shows this information?


Is the LAST_UPDATED_BY & LAST_UPDATED_DATE on the ODF_AUD_OBJ_INST_CONTEXT table valid for determining who deleted the instance?