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Update Attribute of a Specific User

Question asked by verma.vasu on Jul 28, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2016 by PEARSE Kennedy


Is it possible to update/modify the attribute of a specific user via PX. Use Case is, when a User's Manager attribute is updated, in the manager's profile the value of attribute "IsManager" Should set to "Y". I tried creating number of PX but all updated the attribute of the user whose manager attribute is update. Here is an example for better understanding.


User1 ,User2 and User3 are 3 users in IDM.

Using ModifyUser Task, User1  is set as Manager of User2 . Now the policy should set the attribute "IsManager" to "Y" for User1.


We created PX to fetch the value of manager attribute for user2, but when setting action, couldn't find any option to set/add the attribute value for a specific user.


Any idea how this can be achieved.