Tech Tip - CA Privileged Identity Manager: Changing the IP Address from ENTM Server

Discussion created by Renato_Pioker Employee on Jul 28, 2016

CA Privileged Identity Manager Tech Tip by Renato Pioker, Support Engineer for July 28, 2016.


If your ENTM was configured using only hostnames, as well as your AC and PUPM endpoints (if any), then all you must do is ensure that the ENTM hostname is set to the new IP and all machines involved can resolve the new IP from the hostname.



Please check:



1) All endpoints (AC and PUPM) are registered to ENTM using ENTM hostname;

2) All TERMINAL rules referencing ENTM are set using ENTM hostname;

3) Any other settings and customizations are set to use ENTM hostname;

4) All machines that should access ENTM are resolving ENTM hostname from DNS (and not from HOSTS file);

5) All firewall rules and routes that reference ENTM should be updated if they were set by ENTM IP.



It is recommended to reboot ENTM server before changing the IP address, then validate it is working OK after rebooting. Once it is validated after this first reboot, stop all CA services from ENTM server, change the IP address and reboot once again. This way we ensure that no process is binding to the old IP address.