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Report Bursting with Jaspersoft

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Jul 28, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by AustinCA

We get GREAT value out of Report Bursting in Business Objects today. This is ingrained in our business processes and not a capability/function we'll be able to leave behind with Jaspersoft.


Has anyone ventured into Report Bursting with Jaspersoft yet?

Diethard Steiner on Business Intelligence: Jasper Report Bursting with Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) using a REST se…


Report Bursting in JasperReports Server - YouTube


This'll be on my August target of things to figure out a solution for. Looks like I could use Kettle to develop Pentaho solutions to schedule as jobs?


I would love to not have to invent a wheel here if anyone is out in front on this.


Is anyone Report Bursting?